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Upcoming satsang With Sushri Siddheshcari Devi JI

Jai Shri Radhey


 You are cordially invited for the upcoming satsang

With Sushri Siddheshcari Devi JI



Come and listen to soul stirring kirtans & chantings

And an elightening discourse on

“How to include God in our everyday life”



3:00 PM – 5:00 PM



67 Old Mill Rd, Cambridge, Ontario, N3H 4R8

Prasad will be served after the program



Pt. Jagat Tiwari: 519-650-1575

Harideo Prashad: 519-578-3145

Kavita BHagoo: 519-621-8703


Govardhan Pooja


Sunday, November 3, 2013
11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Govardhan Pooja will be celebrated the day after Diwali.
You can bring a special dish to offer to Govardhan Maharaj.

On this day, more than 51 dishes are prepared for offering Giriraj Maharaj. There will be kirtans glorifying Giriraj Maharaj in the Temple, along with a discourse and arti. Following the arti, there will be parikrama of Govardhan Hill. As we do parikrama from the Temple steps, we’ll sing bhajans and pads celebrating the greatness of Govardhan Hill and Shree Krishna’s pastimes with His Gwalbal friends. While showering flowers on Govardhan Hill, arti will be performed, after which we’ll sing a lively bhog as we offer Him a delicious meal of foods and sweets. Lunch prasad will be enjoyed by all those present. Bring your entire family to enjoy this lively celebration.
The Hindu festival of Govardhan Pooja commemorates a childhood leela of Shree Krishna. It is the day when Krishna convinced his father and the elders of his village to perform pooja of Govardhan hill instead of worshiping the celestial god Indra. All of the Brajwasis brought the food items which were to be offered to Indra, and offered them to Govardhan hill. There was a vast array of delicacies laid out at the base of Govardhan hill. To honor the faith of the Brajwasis, Krishna appeared on top of the hill in the form of Giriraj Maharaj (the personified form of Govardhan hill) and ate all of the food that had been offered. Then the Brajwasis performed parikrama (to circumambulate in a clockwise fashion) of Govardhan while singing its glories.

When Indra saw that the Brajwasis had been convinced by a “little boy” to stop worshiping Him, his pride was hurt and he wanted to assert his power (Krishna was 7 years old at the time of this leela). He made it rain torrentially for 7 days. In order to protect the Brajwasis from the downpour, Krishna lifted Govardhan hill on the little finger of His left hand and everyone took shelter under the mountain with Krishna. They all felt lucky to spend this time in close association with Krishna, and none of them felt hungry or tired. In the end, Indra realized that his power was nothing compared to Krishna, because Krishna is supreme God and Indra is only a celestial god who receives his power from Shree Krishna. To see the joyful reenactment of the this Govardhan Pooja, watch these highlights of a past celebration at Radha Madhav Dham.

Dusshera at Bhakti Dham 2013

Celebrated Dusshera at Bhakti Dham 2013

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At: Bhakti Dham,Mangarh

From : 13th Oct – 17th Oct, 2013.





         October                              November

13th  Dusshera                   1st     Dhan Teras

18th  Sharat Poornima        3rd    Diwali

22nd Karwa Chauth           4th    Govardhan

5th    Bhaiya Dooj

10th  Gopashtami

13th  Kartik Ekadashi

17th  Kartik Poornima


Prior Registration is compulsory for new participants in the Sadhana Shivir,

for Registration, Please call on +91 9759003000 or email at

Divine Satsang with Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj in Mangarh, India


Divine Satsang with Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj in Mangarh, India :

The retreat will be in the presence and guidance of Shree Maharajji. Swamiji will be there to help, advise, and inspire.

  • Meals and accommodations will be provided.
  • Devotees can join retreat on any day and welcome to participate for any number of days.

Date: Dec 26th to Jan 1st

For additional details/registrations:

India Devotees:  Anand Rao 98100 23793
USA Devotees:   Shreya Bhat  972-527-6195 or

Diwali Celebration

Saturday, November 2, 2013

5:00 pm to 12:00 midnight


Celebrate the magnificent festival of Diwali 

at Radha Madhav Dham 

and enlighten your heart with the flame of devotion to God.

Come with your family and friends and celebrate Diwali at Radha Madhav Dham on Saturday, November 2, 2013.   The very special Diwali program will include Dinner Maha Prasad, Sita Ram abhishek, satsang and Diwali speech by Sushree Diwakari Devi, cultural dances of India, a leela of Ram’s return to Ayodha & meeting with Bharat, fireworks, outdoor dandia garba danced to a live band, indoor continuous chanting until Midnight.  Bhagwan Ram’s midnight Arti will conclude the 2013 Diwali celebration. 


Program Schedule:

5:00 pm   :  Dinner Maha Prasad

6:30 pm   :  Sita Ram Abhishek

7:00 pm   :  Speech by Sushree Diwakari Devi

7:45 pm   :  Cultural Program and Ram leela

9:20 pm   :  Magnificent fireworks display

9:30 pm   :  Dandia Garba (dancing) outdoors on Maha Raas Mandal

along with chanting inside the Prayer Hall

12:00 am  :  Offer Arti to Bhagwan Ram


Diwali, also called Deepavali, is one of the most popular Hindu festivals. It is known as the festival of lights, which stems from its origin. Bhagwan Ram (Who is a more formal form of Shree Krishna) had been away in the forest for 14 years, and was now returning home to the city of Ayodhya. The happiness of the residents of Ayodhya knew no bounds as they cleaned every corner of their homes and decorated every building in the entire city with diyas (lights) in anticipation of Ram’s return. They wanted to welcome Him back with all their hearts. When Ram was entering the city, all the citizens wished to meet Him first. Seeing their desire, Ram multiplied Himself into as many forms as there were people and met them all simultaneously. Each person thought that Ram had come to them first. This was the scene as Ram returned to Ayodhya, and it is to commemorate this event that we decorate with lights on Diwali.


The use of lights on Diwali also carries a deeper philosophical meaning. Within each person’s heart, there lies the potential for both good and evil. These qualities are called sattva and tam in Sanskrit and they represent light and darkness, respectively. Developing the sattvic quality of one’s mind through good thoughts and actions, and through devotion to God, is like lighting up your heart, which drives away the darkness of tam. You can learn more about the true meaning of Diwali by reading this English translation of a Diwali message delivered by Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj (Light on the Occasion of Deepavali part 1 and part 2)


When Radha and Krishna were on the earth planet, They also celebrated Diwali in a special way. They went to Mansi Ganga (a large holy pond near Govardhan hill) and placed floating diyas on the water from opposite sides of the pond. Then They, along with all the Gopis and Gwalbals, created waves with their hands, causing the diyas to cover the entire pond.


Bhakti Mandir Yugal Darshan.