Message from Shri Maharaj Ji


Dear Spiritual Aspirant (Sadhak),

You are the soul and not the body. Your beloved is Shri Krishna alone, and not your worldly parents, children, etc. To love your beloved, who means everything to you, is quite natural. He is omnipresent, hence you do not have to perform any spiritual practice to attain Him. If there is anything you can do, it is to consider youself bereft of devotion. Once you do this, and at the same time if you think that you belong to Shri Krishna, then He will accept you as His own. Unless you consider Him as your one and only, how will He consider you to be His?

Along with this, you have to keep in mind the fact that your faith and love should be directed towards none other than your Lord and your Guru. Your dealings with worldly people should be very limited. In other words, you should not be thinking about them, listening or talking to them, beyond what is absolute necessary.

The soul’s utmost welfare lies in constantly remembering the fact that he has found a true Guru for himself, because the Guru who is non-different from God is present in front of him. Increase your faith in your Guru, to achieve which, contemplation on the mercy of your Guru and God is required.

Never consider yourself to be alone. Always feel their (God and Guru) presence with you everywhere.



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