Free Secular Education


Kunda, situated in district Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh, is one of the lowest ranking regions for literacy in India. With an overall population of around 194 million, the majority of families are in an enormous struggle merely to survive. To get a decent job to have a decent life and hope for a brighter future is something far beyond from their understanding and imagination. As a result, complete education for daughters is rarely, if ever considered by most families. Most young girls in this socio-economic group stay at home to help run the household or get married at an early age so that the family has one less person to feed. Investing in their daughter’s education is almost nonexistent.

Keeping this in mind, Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat (JKP) has established a charitable educational institution for girls, which provides 100% free education to all students. The institution offers quality secular education opportunities at 3-levels:

Kripalu Mahila Mahavidyalay, an undergraduate and postgraduate institution with approximately 700 students, and offering Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education, Master of Arts and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications;
Kripalu Balika Intermediate College, a middle and high school, operating from classes 6 to 12 with approximately 700 students and;
Kripalu Balika Primary School, operating from LKG to Class 5 with approximately 700 students.
JKP Education’s objective of offering education for free has resulted in an institution which has become a guiding force for the educational upliftment of not only the underprivileged girls living in this region, but also the surrounding communities. In addition to receiving free education, students receive free transportation, including free distribution of bicycles to those students who travel long distances, along with free distribution of uniforms, school bags, and other school-related requirements,with the aim of removing any obstacle to the girl’s education that is likely to be induced by poverty.



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